"Skyhorse Pleasure Saddles"

This page shows our custom work that was MADE TO ORDER for each client! These designs are available for future work….but will include the “personalization” of each client! All of our saddles are custom made to fit you, your horse and your special style of riding. All of our saddles are all built on handmade wood trees, either rawhide or fiberglass covered; and every one is strong, lightweight, and built with close contact ground seats for day long riding!  Our pleasure saddles are fancy enough for the show ring; yet rugged enough for everyday use! PRICES START AT $6500.00

Deluxe "cowboy shooter"

This commissioned saddle features hand carved and painted portraits depicting the owner's personal horse and his favorite movie horse, "Trigger". The colt .45 long bullet brass gives this saddle a "retro" look while adding some modest bling!

The cantle, fork, and horn are braided with kangaroo lace. 

We are pleased to post a recent endorsement from Dr. Keith Zupnik, Las Vegas, Nv.

saddle # 898...Deluxe Cowboy Shooter. (below) 

" I remember first meeting you in Las Vegas at a past Cowboy Christmas during the NFR Finals.  My first impression was that these are the most beautiful saddles I'd ever seen. I could never own one. These are really nice people!  This past December 2013, I decided I couldn't let another year go buy without owning one!

I believe if the Silver Screen Cowboys were still making motion pictures today, they'd be riding a "Skyhorse", not a Bohlin. The saddle you designed for me is the most beautiful representation of functional Western Art imaginable!  It belongs in a Western Heritage museum, but I will ride my rescued American Mustang, "Calico Renegade"  with it!   After all, you've hand carved his image in the saddle and saddle bags along with my favorite movie horse,Trigger!

The leather workmanship, custom staining, hand painted colors and style design represent perfection!  It's a one of a kind collectable.  I couldn't be more satisfied!

Thanks for making the unimaginable a reality!

Happy Trails 2 U until....


"Handsome Star Saddle"

This "Handsome Star Saddle" was built on a rawhide covered tree. Features kangaroo braided cantle, forks, horn, and saddle strings.....hand stamped star basket weave..... and Lisa's special swivel knife cuts around the conchos. The 41 conchos are hand engraved. As done on all our saddles, the buffalo leather seat is fully inlaid....giving a fabulous ride!


                   "Ricks Red-tails"                    

This saddle was a commission...and a very  good example of combining all the aesthetic elements that that a horseman has always dreamed of riding. In this case,  red tail hawks in the tooling and on the custom silver... and feather accents. Notice the braided strings, cantle, forks, and horn....all in kangaroo lace!


"The Wolf Saddle"

Elegant inverted scroll tooling, hand painted, with inlays of wolf portraits sculpted and painted. The frame of the portrait circles are  buckstitched in place, and kangaroo braiding trims the fork, horn and cantle. The seat is inlaid with buffalo leather.  Sterling engraved silver conchos.


"Deco Feather Saddle"

The inlaid navajo weaving in the seat gives this saddle a unique look!  All hand carved, it is accented with hand made sterling silver conchos and inlaid turquoise. The feather designs both in the silver and carving are very contemporary....a modern "deco" look.  The horn, forks and cantle are hand braided in Loren's special fine silver lacing.



Deluxe Cutting Saddle


In addition to the function of this cutting saddle, we have added ostrich overlay, silver braiding and Navajo Storyteller sterling silver conchos.



Let's Dance

Custom built for a dancing, shooting Diva! Real Colt 45 bullets line this saddle, leather braiding, and custom sterling conchos. Our typical buffalo leather inlaid seat! The front saddle bags have a hidden, built-in holster. 






Custom made Americana, with a personal inscription on the back of the cantle - "I am my beloved, and my beloved is me." Carved and sculpted buffalo and Indian pony, framed with sterling silver feathers, braided leather trimmed skirts and silver braiding. Each Navajo storyteller concho is a unique scene. 




Ribbon Turquoise

Carved feathers in the leather and handmade silver feathers are a SKYHORSE signature element! In this saddle the hand - made sterling silver conchos and feathers were made to Lisa's design. The conchos have ribbon turquoise stones bezeled in place, as well as turquoise bezeled into the tip of each silver feather. All carving is hand-done by Lisa; and the fine silver braiding is Loren's invention: done here on the forks and cantle back.






Wildlife Portrait

Each side of this saddle showcases different North American animals - elk, mountain lion, bobcat and whitetail deer. As all our saddles - it is all hand carved original artwork by Lisa and braided by Loren. Sterling silver conchos are each a different animal and makes this saddle beautiful and practical.




Turquoise Pleasure Saddle


Lisa's hand carved feathers are one of our trademarks, along with our proprietary lightning bolt border stamping. The handmade sterling silver conchos and feathers are inlaid with turquoise stone and the fork and cantle are silver braided.

It is a pleasure because it makes you and your horse look and feel good. You can ride it anywhere - even the show ring.






Gold Nugget


As a special gift for his wife, our client panned his own gold nuggets and we had them mounted on the conchos. We complimented the saddle with gold filled braided trim and brass feathers. Still easy to handle at 36 pounds. 




The Prince


Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia commissioned a pair of these  saddles as gifts. His logo is carved into the skirts. Braiding, silver and horse hair tassels make this saddle fit for a Prince!




Silver Heart

This saddle is stunning on a black Peruvian Paso stallion in Puerto Rico! The conchos are spiny oyster and sterling silver, with silver braided edges and hearts and roses tooling. A perfect pairing! 






Leave it to Beaver

There is no limit to having your favorite animal carved into your saddle! The high cantle and front saddle bags make this trail riding a real pleasure.