The Skyhorse Way

Lisa and Lorenʼs approach to saddle making is both classic traditional, and contemporary.

We start with a hand-made wood tree, covered with either rawhide or fiberglass. Each tree is built to the horse and riderʼs specific needs and carries a life-time guarantee.

The groundwork is hand carved to provide a balanced and close contact seat. The rigging style and position is also matched to the saddle style and client we are working with. Each padded seat is uniquely inlaid to provide even more contact. The skirts are cut up under the riders leg, regardless of the skirt style. Each fender is turned and set before the oiling process to embed a memory into the twist, to ease the riders knees.

The beauty and artistry of the saddle is completely unique to each client. Lisa draws each pattern to reflect the taste of each owner - it can be any personal mark, along with any flower, pattern or style. She then hand carves this into the leather, leaving a lasting impression and creating an heirloom piece of ridable art.

Lorenʼs famous braiding is a Skyhorse trademark. His edge braiding using a fine silver lace is unique and magnificent. Loren uses kangaroo lace for all his leather braiding. Silver or leather braiding edges most every one of our saddles.

All the materials in a Skyhorse Saddle are the finest available, and all from the USA. Since 1974, we have used Hermann Oak Leather from the oldest tannery in America. The skirts are lined with real sheepskin. Our saddle conchos range from our proprietary “Skyrider” conchos up to custom sterling silver concho sets. Our most popular and collectable conchos are created with Navajo jewelers, as well as world class engravers.

Another special feature of our work is the oiling. Loren is a master at achieving many different deep and rich hues in the leather. This accentuates the beauty of the lines and carving, as well as adding a suppleness to the leather.

When you own a custom Skyhorse saddle, you are assured of the most elegant, high quality, unique piece of art available. Made personally by Lisa and Loren Skyhorse, you will own a piece of leather art that can be used and enjoyed for many generations. Together we have over 75 years of experience. You will be guaranteed of a piece of work that will bring you a life time of pleasure.

Click here for a video of our saddle making process.