Collection Saddles

Making Medicine

Some people call it making medicine – the process of following your heart, creating something magical, powerful, fulfilling. That is what saddle making and leather working is to us. 

The Collection consists of unique works in leather, each a one-of-a-kind. Riding saddles have been Lisa and Loren’s main focus for forty-five years. After more than one thousand saddles made, the Collection series pushes their accumulated knowledge to its apex; and includes pieces that  span the scope of their talents and imaginations. This collection is Lisa and Loren’s dream – to be able to create museum quality work that is intricate, collectable, and unprecedented in contemporary saddle making and leather working. Not since Edward Bohlin from the 1920’s to the 1960’s have saddles of this magnitude and significance been built. Lisa and Loren create these magnificent pieces by their own hands, adding to the exclusivity of the work.

In this collection we give ourselves the freedom to create without restrictions – each piece challenges us, inspires us and moves us”.

blanket left
Navajo Rugs
The Golden Eagle – Bronze
buckaroos 1
The Buckaroos
020806Skyhorse023 WM
Good Luck Sidesaddle
20090903 Skyhorse
All You Need Is Love
Skyhorse bearview 3 1
The Yellowstone
20120126 Skyhorse Big5 004Ms
“Big 5” African Wildlife
BB LSide Straight 9438
Buffalo Bill & Friends
The Golden Eagle
static1.squarespace 1
White Buffalo
IMG2014 444
static1.squarespace 5
AllRelated WaterMark
We Are All Related
unnamed 3
20110321 Skyhorse Compadres M
20120903 Skyhorse 111 WM
Tree of Life
20120830 Skyhorse 017 WM
The Patriot Saddle
IGP6213 2 247
Shania Twain’s Farewell Tour
IMG 2407
The Zorro
Eclecticita k3 2251
Cowboys and Indians 2570
Cowboys & Indians
Wild Off Side