Buffalo Hunt Armoire


Price: $28,000

Buffalo Hunt Armoire. This unique and special furniture piece is a joint venture between master leather workers Lisa and Loren (Colorado) and master wood worker Shane Hughes (Montana). A labor of love of this magnitude - spanning the Rocky Mountains - took passion, commitment and a lot of cooperation over the course of a year to complete.
Each leather panel is an original design - hand carved, sculpted to create a 3D effect and then hand painted by Lisa. The rug pattern is an 1890's Phase 3 Navajo Chief blanket and is also raised, sculpted leather. Loren buck stitched both front inlaid images. Two full cowhides were used to wrap the four 5 foot tall leather panels. The entire armoire was built from a single log of walnut. A true heirloom piece.
The Armoire debuted at the 2019 Western Design Conference where it won the "Western Spirit Award".

The Making Of