Pleasure Saddles

This page shows our custom work that was MADE TO ORDER for each client! These designs are available for future work….but will include the “personalization” of each client! All of our saddles are custom made to fit you, your horse and your special style of riding. All of our saddles are all built on handmade wood trees, either rawhide or fiberglass covered; and every one is strong, lightweight, and built with close contact ground seats for day long riding!  Our pleasure saddles are fancy enough for the show ring; yet rugged enough for everyday use!

Prices start at $6500

Navajo Prayer
Navajo Prayer
Prince WM
The Prince
PXL 20230119 202443330 scaled
Navajo Red Feather
Thompson All around
KP 3995
Turquoise Diamond Feather
Stephan 0240 11 x 14 copy
unnamed 16
Wood’s Black and Turquoise
IMG 0882
Cowgirl Right cropped
Queen of the Cowgirls
Beaver WM
Leave It To Beaver
Hearts WM
Silver Heart
IGP6839 964
Handsome Star Saddle
072106Skyhorse GoldNugget05
Gold Nugget
053007 Skyhorse TurquoiseFeather Site
Turquoise Pleasure Saddle
021207Sky AnimalDemo024 M
Wildlife Portrait
20080825 Skyhorse 013 M
Ribbon Turquoise
20110728 Skyhorse Pony WM
20110624 Skyhorse Vaughn WM
Let’s Dance
20120420 Skyhorse WM
Deluxe Cutting Saddle
IMG 0044
Deco Feather Saddle
20090203 Skyhorse Wolf 014 WM
The Wolf Saddle
IGP5717 01
Ricks Red-Tails