“Lisa and Loren are two of the most ‘giving back’ people I know. They support many charities but have been especially helpful to our Foundation. We fund important research to find cures for neuropathic pain and the Skyhorses have donated saddles to be raffled to raise thousands for research. Great hearts also reflected in their good works! We love their work so much that we probably have set a world record for the most saddles purchased from Skyhorse. We are so proud of their special skills that we have brought many of our friends and family to their workshop in Durango Colorado. Watching them create and work is an amazing fun experience. Everyone feels so ‘alive’ as they explain and demonstrate their work. They are special people who make special ‘art.’ Sherrilyn and I feel lucky to know them and share their innovative work. Work that is ‘creative, artistic, bold, strong, honest, supportive, encouraging, innovative, happy, confident, and filled with risk-taking.’

Even more important is the fact that Lisa and Loren bring ‘life’ to our human experience…to our community of mankind. Truly special artists.

I consider them to be National Treasures.”

Michael Pasternak, Ph.D.

Founding Trustee

The Facial Pain Research Center

“The workmanship and artistry of Skyhorse Saddles are like none other. They have an up-to-date show ring appearance but also possess a unique, authentic look. I was proud to ride a Skyhorse to my championships: 1992 U.S. National Champion - Western Sidesaddle, 1992 Scottsdale Champion - Western Sidesaddle, 1993 Canadian National Champion - Western Sidesaddle, 1993 Reserve U .S. National Champion - Western Sidesaddle”

La Rae Fletcher-Powell

Western Woman Trainer/Horsewoman of the Year, 1991 & 1992

“The art and craft Lisa and Loren Skyhorse bring to their work spring from connection with the Native American and American cowboy horse culture. Their work has effectively enriched expression of American horse culture through the creative use of traditional craft skills, culturally sensitive design, and contemporary artistic expression highlighting the qualities of native materials.”

Cliff Montagne

Professor Emeritus

Director, BioRegions Programs

University of Montana

“The first time I saw the Skyhorse’s work I was awe struck; they were and are a different level of excellence. What they do with leather is incredible! Sculpting life-like figures, painting, toning, and shading leathers into masterpieces. Paired with silver lace work that still baffles me Skyhorse’s distinct style is as identifiable as any of the greatest artists of all time; always fresh, creative, and fun. Looking at a Skyhorse collection piece stimulates the soul! How fortunate am I to know the Skyhorse’s; to be able to showcase and sell their products in our stores is an honor and privilege.”

Danna Burns-Shaw

5th Generation Owner

Burns Saddlery

Burns Cowboy Shop

“Lisa and Loren are people who would be successful artists in any media they chose. The fact that they picked such an American icon as the Western saddle to ride on their journey to artistic excellence speaks to the belief that in the most basic of essential tools for the cowboy, there was a longing desire for beauty and an appreciation for the lasting quality of art created with love and care. I cannot say enough about Lisa and Loren Skyhorse and the way that their work has changed so many people’s appreciate for art of a different ilk.”

H. Jackson Clark

Owner, Toh-Atin Gallery

“At Kauffman & Sons, we have been selling the finest equestrian equipment since 1875. Skyhorse Saddles are the finest Western saddles we have ever seen. Lisa’s carving is exquisite—second to none. We are very pleased and honored to show and sell Skyhorse Saddles.”

Charles Kauffman

Kauffman & Sons

Park Ave., New York City

“As a specialist in dressage, it is imperative to me that while riding Western my saddle be both beautiful in look and fit. I have sat on no other Western Saddle besides my Skyhorse that has given me the equivalent of my dressage saddle. The riding comfort, closeness and workmanship is superior.”

J. Leslie Wagschal

10 Times National Champion - Dressage

3 Times Open National Champion Dressage in U.S. and Canada

“I was first drawn to Skyhorse Saddles by their beauty. Loren & Lisa were so accommodating and prompt - bending over backwards to make sure I was happy. The custom tooling so impressed me and they did such a great job carving my logo into the design on my Sidesaddle. Its fits my horse and me beautifully.”

Betty Chapman


1992 Scottsdale Champion - 1/2 Arabian Western Sidesaddle

1992 Canadian Reserve National Champion - Western Sidesaddle

“Anyone who sees a Skyhorse Saddle knows they are expertly hand-crafted—each one a unique and beautiful piece of art. You have to own one to know that they fit and ride and wear as beautifully as they look. We are wildly lucky because we own four Skyhorse Saddles. Our show saddles never fail to draw attention and comments from fellow exhibitors and spectators for they are so exceptional. And our work saddle gets used and abused and looks and feels as good as the day we bought it. Our grandchildren don’t know how lucky they are - learning to ride on the very best.”

Michael & Sherrilyn Pasternak


“I have had so much enjoyment and use from my two gorgeous Skyhorse Saddles. The tooling is absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen, as well as unique. When I came to Lisa & Loren with ideas for an American Indian tooling design, their execution of this was beyond my highest expectations. Now that these saddles have seen so many hours and miles of use they just get better and better. My newest one is so incredibly comfortable, light weight and close contact - the type of saddle I can just spend hours in and not get tired.”

Diane Powers

Owner - Bazaar Del Mundo

Old Town, San Diego, California

“Troys Western Heritage Gallery started as a saddle shop in 1956. We then evolved into a fine art gallery. We still love to feature Western saddles, but it is hard to find saddles that fit into the context of fine art. Skyhorse Saddles fit beautifully in our galleries and we are proud to show them.”

Troy Murray

Troy's Western Heritage Gallery

Scottsdale & Santa Fe