Show Saddles

These saddles have fuller skirts than trail saddles to enhance their look in the show ring.  Each one is made precisely for you, and the unique combination of you and your show horse!

Think of them as the most custom of saddles!

Prices start at $6,500

051706Skyhorse WM
The Trick Horse Saddle
Lane 13
Lane’s Saddle
KP 3995
Turquoise Diamond Feather
IMG4837 887
Copper Feather
Regina KP0641 11x14 1
Alligator Feathers
Turquoise Fringe Saddle
Turquoise & Fuscia Fringe Saddles
Bennys Saddle
Benny’s Saddle Set
Feather Bundle
Animals 1 WM
The Everglade
Turquoise Feather
Turquoise Feather
020806Skyhorse062 WM
Jackson Hole Classic
021207Sky RainbowGirl005 M
Navajo Rainbow Goddess
20080407 Skyhorse Butterfly 003 WM
The Diamond Butterfly
20080515 Skyhorse Kickback 002 M
The Classic
Skyhorse PL 016 WM
Golden Feathers
20080825 Skyhorse 018 Mcopy
Wright Saddle
20080211 Skyhorse XX 001 Mv3P
Double XX
20080613 Skyhorse MTT 001 M
Black Feather – His And Hers
IGP5596 01 WM
The Ultimate Show Saddle
IGP3834 56
Mini Feathers