We are Lisa and Loren Skyhorse, a husband and wife saddle making team.
For more than forty-five years we've been working together to create the finest saddles available.
Each of the more than 1,100 one-of-a-kind saddles made to date provided our clients with attention to detail, options, and aesthetics rarely found in the industry today.

Two People, Four Hands, Highest Quality

The Skyhorse Way

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Together we can dream it, design it, build it.

A Skyhorse saddle is a singular work of art, created specifically for horse and rider by master saddlemakers Lisa and Loren Skyhorse. The finest materials, traditional craftsmanship, uncompromising dedication to detail and quality - these are the hallmarks of a Skyhorse saddle. Their expertise is unmatched after more than forty-five years full time; producing over a thousand saddles and hundreds of other exquisite pieces entirely by their own four hands!

Each is a masterpiece in leather, distinctively designed and exquisitely crafted to meet your individual needs. All of our saddles are handmade and built to the customer’s specifications - featuring hand made wooden trees, hand carved groundseats, individually created art including brands and logos, multiple choices of color, finishes, and exotic leathers. There is no limit to the masterful hand carving and artwork by Lisa Skyhorse.

The stitching is carefully recessed for ultimate strength. The edges are finely polished or trimmed with Loren Skyhorse’s famous edge braiding in either kangaroo leather lace or our exclusive pure silver lace. Our remarkable silver braiding is a Skyhorse saddle company trademark and is unique throughout the industry. Click on the order tab for a complete explanation of options.

Lisa & Loren Skyhorse

Master Saddlemakers Since 1972

Two People
Four Hands
Highest Quality

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