Interior Decor

If you’ve always wanted a Skyhorse piece in your house this is a way to combine art and usefulness in one piece (it’s a lot like sitting on a saddle, without a horse but with a lot more padding).

We will create pieces that can be added to your chairs, sofas, tables, doors and other furniture items.

Each piece is hand made, and can be custom designed to your specifications.

In addition to pieces of furniture, we also do custom made interior decor such as doors, floors, and more.

Eagle Door
Buffalo Hunt Armoire
Armchair Cowboy
Bar and Entertainment Center
Owl Maiden Door
Horse Feathers Fainting Couch
Buffalo Hunt Love Seat
May Our Spirits Forever Soar Together
Executive Desk
Dream on the Wind Headboard
Leather Game Table
More Doors
The Gold Bar
Burns Cowboy Shop