Skyhorse sidesaddles have the same quality, custom construction as our Western saddles.

We build both English and Western Sidesaddles. Both are built on the same hand made wood tree. On the English sidesaddle the bars are padded and the look is traditional English, but the western bars give the saddle more security and better weight distribution.  Each of our sidesaddles is custom made. Our sidesaddles have been dominant in the show rings for over 2 decades.

The trees are built to fit the modern horse and rider, and have dominated the National Championship show ring at the Arabian Nationals and Scottsdale over several decades.

Prices start at $6,500

Silver Show Sidesaddle
Silver Show Sidesaddle
20100413 Skyhorse Black tanSideSaddle WM 1
Feather Sidesaddle
072106Skyhorse SideSaddle13 WM
Blond Roses Sidesaddle
P5140001 1
English Sidesaddle