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Made In America

The SKYRIDER is a consistent structural design that works beautifully on 95%+ of all pleasure horses, and is versatile enough to move from horse to horse, simply choose the saddle pad that works best for your horse! All the owner needs to do is perhaps alter the saddle padding from horse to horse.

The wide-set tree of the SKYRIDER achieves a perfect fit with the saddle pad/blanket changes! While SKYRIDER saddles are not fully customizable, we do offer added features such as rough-out seats, personalized tooled marks, saddlebags, and more.

All Skyriders have a base price of $3300

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Skyrider Saddle shown in Chocolate

Chestnut Skyrider with cheyenne roll and flank set

Black Skyrider with hand tooled feathers. Call for price quote of any extra carving

  • Prices start at $3300.00
  • Handmade in the USA
  • High grade leather used throughout
  • Stainless steel hardware for long lasting strength and durability.
  • The hand tooled “Skyhorse Lightening Bolt border” energizes the Skyrider design.
  • 3 seat sizes available: 15”,16”,17”
  • Skyrider is available with or without a horn.
  • Weight - 25 Pounds!
  • Full strength cedar wood tree covered with fiberglass - the same tree we use in our custom saddles. Guaranteed for life!
  • Only genuine sheepskin is used to line the skirts.
  • Beautiful proprietary Nickel Conchos minted especially for the Skyrider. Unique, beautiful and low maintenance - they will not tarnish.
  • Free swinging stirrup leathers which allows for a perfect reining position. Stirrup leathers are “pre-turned” for maximum knee relief!
  • Close contact benefits both you and your horse.
  • 3 colors available: Chocolate, Chestnut, and black.
  • Multiple position “soft-contact” rigging. (no hardware to sore your horse or your knees). Skyrider is perfect for all pleasure and eventing breeds, including but not exclusive to Gaited Horses.


“Riding in a Skyrider saddle is better than riding in a Cadillac!”

Lisa and Loren, I can not recommend your saddle highly enough!

Over the years I have purchased most brands of endurance saddles, from custom fit to an inexpensive Big Horn. Of all the saddles I bought for all my different horses over the years, your Skyrider Endurance saddle is the only saddle that has fit my horse. This summer I rode 5, 50 mile endurance rides in my Skyrider. At the last ride of the season, the Redneck Red ride (a fun, scenic ride), I asked the ride veterinarian to check for any back problems. He thoroughly examined Frisco’s back and did not find any sign of soreness after 50 miles.

In addition to being good for Frisco, the saddle fits me. Riding in a Skyrider saddle is better than riding in a Cadillac!

You were sweet to work with me and cheerfully made sure I had exactly the saddle that was right for me, unlike other saddle makers that once they had my money got cranky and did not stand behind their guarantees.

Thank you for being a pleasure to do business with and for making a quality, comfortable, beautiful saddle.

Pat P. on Frisco Bey riding endurance on their Skyrider saddle

- Pat P.

California, USA

“Why I bought a Skyrider Saddle — it FITS!!!”

I am 56 years old, 5ft 0 inches and 105 pounds. I ride a 16 hand, 1500 lb quarter horse. I have a tack room full of “custom made” saddles. None of which truly fit “me”. I have found that I consistently ride in saddles that pull my feet backwards, causing me to lean forward.

I had looked a Skyrider on line for months. I was patient and waited till the NFR in Las Vegas, hoping that Loren would bring a sample saddle for me to sit in. HE DID!!!

I fell in love once I sat in the saddle and went “ahhh”. FINALLY, a saddle that fits ME! I love the padded seat! Don’t let ANYONE talk you out of a padded seat.! I ride trail in the mountains and desert of Utah, in a wide variety of terrain. I love the extra strings, so I can pack all my “stuff” and take with me for a long day.

What I love BEST is the ease of saddling this giant horse, due to the weight of the saddle It makes it so easy. Effortless! It is SO nice to comfortably , without straining, lift this saddle onto my horse. SO wonderful!

I also have a 14 hand, FAT quarter horse and it fits him as well.

I had the “dream “ of one day having a custom made saddle by Skyhorse……but now…..I think I am so in love with this saddle, it meets all my needs,,,,,I’ll just stay in it forever…..As I get older the lightness of this saddle will allow me to just ride on without needing anyone to help me…..

I love the design….. simple, but the “lightning bolts “ give me energy!!

I have the bridle and breast collar to match and have added my personal conchos with my brand to the bridle….!

I love the design….. simple, but the “lightning bolts “ give me energy!!

I have the bridle and breast collar to match and have added my personal conchos with my brand to the bridle….!

- Glori

Utah, USA

“Thank you Skyhorse for upgrading my ride…”

Tried out my new Skyhorse today and it was amazing. So easy to get on the horse - no more lugging around my 50 lb saddle to the horse. My Skyhorse fit my gelding so much better than my old saddle - like a glove. And, the fit for me was perfect - so comfortable. I was worried because I have had the same saddle for 35 years and couldn’t imagine one being MORE comfortable but it was. I loved the padded seat and the classic seat ride. I also loved the padded stirrups. Thank you Skyhorse for upgrading my ride and making everything about the experience better.

- Daina

Idaho, USA

“I heartily recommend the Skyrider saddle, especially if you have a hard-to-fit horse.”

I am a petite Rocky Mountain mare with a huge heart. I do everything from riding in

the high Colorado mountains to doing equestrian drill team. I had 2 saddles, one for heavy duty riding and one for parades and drill team. The only saddle that ever fit me properly weighs 42 pounds and my 70-year-old owner couldn’t lift it any more. So she tried to get saddle pads and shims to get the lighter saddle to work on me to no avail. When she saw the Skyrider saddle on eBay she called and was immediately given the opportunity to take the saddle and ride it for a day! After 6 hours of riding in the high mountains my back was uniformly wet and both Mom and I were very comfortable. Now I have one saddle that meets all our needs. I heartily recommend the Skyrider saddle, especially if you have a hard-to-fit horse. Like me.

- Nancy


“The reins, bridle, breastplate, and latigo are all the best. ”

Loren and Lisa, this is a letter of sincere compliment on the quality of the saddle which I purchased from you. It is starting to break in and the feel is wonderful. The thickness and quality of all the leather attachments as well as the main body of the saddle are superb. I have had nothing but great comments from friends who know their tack. The reins, bridle, breastplate, and latigo are all the best. You are true crafstmen….Your courtesies and quality work will immensely elevate the pleasure I get from the use of your leather art. Thank you both so much.

- Anonymous


7 Day Tryout

After purchasing and receiving your new Skyrider Saddle, you have one full week to ride it as much as you wish. If for any reason you are not 100% SATISFIED with your new Skyrider, simply return it to us for a refund of your purchase price, less a $100 restocking fee. Why does this work? Only three returns in seven years! PROOF that our clients are HAPPY!

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