The Gold Bar

Mr. Sartini engaged us to create a custom leather environment for his private office building's bar and den.

We started with the entire wall entrance to a bar/den in a private office. Our client wanted a masculine cowboy theme, elegant and playful, warm and unique. What a pleasure!

As you approach the entrance down a hall, the scene opens up. the wall is 11' X 12', including the double entrance doors. Each door has carved leather panels top and bottom, with our client's logo carved and in relief. Over the doors is a leather panel 6' X 3 1/2', with the "Gold Bar" name also in high relief. The upper part of the sign is basket-stamped. Each side panel is 2' X 11'.

One side is a life-size cowboy, his foot on a rail with a classic saddle at his feet. All this is high relief, carved, sculpted and painted. The conchos on the saddle, his bolo, and the gun pieces are all sterling silver.

The cowboy is looking across the doors toward his horse - also a life-size carving. The horse is sculpted, carved and painted and accessorized with real silver conchos and bit. He's hobbled and waiting for the cowboy to saddle him! The inside of the doors are also inlaid with carved leather panels so that when the doors are open the whole picture is finished.

When you enter the den, one of our "We are all Related" Collection Saddles has been cut in half and is mounted over the fireplace on the stone chimney.

The dining room/conference room has a leather floor 12' X 10'. The border is carved into saddle leather, which is rich and beautiful as well as sturdy and strong.

It is carved with our clients logo, and oak leaves. The carving matches the head chairs, which are carved front and back. The chair backs have a turquoise and silver concho and is emphasized with a strip of hand painted "bead" stamping that looks like real beading. That theme is repeated in the wine cabinet doors, hand carved with oak leaves and trimmed with hand painted turquoise "beading" and basket stamping (over 88,000 impressions in the room!).

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