Skyhorse Show Saddles

These saddles combine elegance and practicality. Each one is made precisely for you!

As unique as you are. Think of them as the most CUSTOM of saddles. 

Prices start at $6,500


turquoise feather

This most recent creation highlights the unique talents of Lisa and Loren Skyhorse. Starting with the seat: a fully inlaid Navajo weaving: beautiful yet tough enough for decades of use. Next view Lisa's hand carved feathers and border stamp that was inspired by an antique Navajo weaving. The paint is PERMANENT! and is applied before the saddle oiling. The edge of the cantle, front of the forks, and edge of the horn are braided by Loren in a fine (.999) silver lace. Lastly, the turquoise and sterling silver conchos were created with Tyrone turquoise...very large slabs.....and the mine has been closed for decades! This saddle is actually a SET: saddle, breast collar, and bridle with reins......all a matched set!



mini feathers

  15 1/2" Seat.  3 1/2" Cheyenne Roll Cantle.  11" Swells.  6 3/4" Bar Spread, full quarter bar angle. Hand Made Wood covered with Fiberglass Tree. Silver braided Fork and Cantle. 24 Original Silver Skyhorse Feathers. Hand Carved feathers and finish cuts. "proprietary Skyhorse" Conchos . Inlaid Buffalo Leather Seat.



The Ultimate Show Saddle

This elegant SHOW saddle combined  hand carving by Lisa, in a tight western style with the intricate hand engraving of the sterling silver pieces. We finished the color by hand painting the Western Scroll, then carefully hand oiled for our iconic tri-tone oiling! The wear leathers on the black saddle blanket really sets off the over-all ultimate look! Lastly, notice the hand braided fine silver lace that Loren has done on the cantle edge, front of the forks, and horn edge.

47 pieces of hand engraved solid sterling silver with intricate scroll carving.

An inlaid buffalo 16.5" pleasure seat and a wide tree. Ready to show with matching wear leathers.

  SOLD!......we can build one for you!!



Black Feather - His and Hers

Sterling silver feathers, silver braiding, turquoise inlaid conchos. Alligator corners accent this black on black beauty.

The matching wear leathers are removable to go on any saddle blanket. Classic basket stamping textures the background. 


Double XX

This custom saddle was an homage to the XX Farm champions. Each portrait is a different one of his Arabians, and their names are overlaid on every silver concho.

He has so many champions we had to build wear leathers and a breast collar to name them all! The entire saddle is trimmed with kangaroo leather lacing and the seat is inlaid ostrich leather. 


Wright Saddle

Cathy Wright is a respected horse show judge and the proud owner of this saddle built for her.

It has a fine-silver braided horn, fork and cantle and 28 sterling silver feathers rimming the hand tooled feathers.  

The seat is padded with a dark brown buffalo leather. Cathy worked closely with Lisa to to make her dream saddle a reality.

Isn't it time you made your dream saddle real, too?


The Classic

Subtle, yet packed with detail - fully tooled with the traditional elements of basket stamping and acorn/oak leaf carving, and accented with sterling silver spot conchos, and leather and silver braiding.

Navajo storyteller conchos are the icing on the cake. 


Golden Feathers

Brass feathers, gold fill braiding and spiny oyster inlaid conchos are warm and rich. The seat is inlaid in ostrich leather and the tooling is personalized on the fenders. 


The Diamond Butterfly

Fully hand carved with a combination of basket stamping and butterfly carving.

The silver is all hand crafted by our friend and master jewler Jeff Georgantes, the head of the jewelry department at Dartmouth University. Our trademark silver braid finishes this truly unique piece of ridable art! 


Navajo Rainbow Goddess

Simple yet elegant with Navajo Rainbow Goddess carving. Lined with Silver braiding and accented with amazing micro-inlay turquoise conchos. 


Jackson Hole Classic

Brown on brown - it doesnʼt get any more classic than this. Commissioned as a point piece in a beautiful home, this saddle can also be ridden anytime/anywhere. 


The Trick Horse Saddle

An owner of much of our work decided to dress up his treasured and wonderful buckskin trick horse. The black and blonde colors of this intricate tooling pattern did the trick! The accessories always compliment the horse and saddle. 


The Everglade

Our Florida client wanted something special for their home - a medley of Florida flora and fauna. The Navajo storyteller conchos matched the theme. The blond braiding frames this rideable art piece. 


Feather Bundle

Another Skyhorse twist on their classic feather pattern. This was our Texas clientʼs second saddle - his first being a traditional Western with the Alamo carved into the cantle back. Being an artist himself, together we created this unique rendition. the conchos are hand engraved sterling silver with turquoise, our classic silver braid and clusters of hand carved feathers.