Framed Work

For decades we have been commissioned to create specialty panels for a variety of projects. These commissions have been as varied as: desk tops, door panels, game tables, entire walls, floors, picture and mirror frames, cabinet door inserts, coffee tables, bar fronts and tops, and many more…

We are excited about the area of fine art. It’s defined as mixed media, but we like to call it “Art Different”!  Starting with tooling leather as the “canvas”, Lisa begins by carving the leather and achieves texture that is beyond the range of painting. Then she sculpts the image to create additional relief beyond two dimensional.  Finally, she uses  traditional paints as well as dyes to enhance the image. Then Loren adds oil, antiquing, and a finish to give it depth and richness. All paintings are mounted on an archival backboard before framing.

We will continue to create original  art for your viewing. We will gladly accept commissions: working from photos, sketches, or a multitude of ideas!

“If you can dream it, we can create it”

Prices start at $1,000

Size: measured inside the frame. 

Aho – Spirit Dancer
Give Me A Home
Patient Partners
The Messenger
Mesa Verde Pot
The Robe
Game On
The Boss
Spirit Shadow
CM Russell Study 1
CM Russell Study 2
La Burrita
Remington Study
Embracing the Past
The Two Reiner
Life is a beautiful ride with you by my side