Buffalo Bill & Friends

We love our saddles to tell stories, and this saddle is dedicated to Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. One side features Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and Wild Bill Hickok. The off-side are portraits of his Native American friends - Chief Ouray, Sitting Bull and Yellow Shirt. Since the Wild West Show began in 1890, Lisa carved the pattern of an 1890's weaving for the seat. All the "beading" is stamped into the leather and then each dot is hand painted. Loren has buck-stitched every edge of the saddle and silver braided the horn, forks and cantle. The entire saddle is hand-stitch -there is NO machine stitching on the entire saddle. The quilted background is also hand carved and beveled by Lisa. Our artist friend Dave Clausen cut and overlaid the portraits into aluminum plates to suggest old photos and fabricated the saddle stand to match. The sterling silver conchos are from an old concho belt. This saddle set took 800 hours to create by Lisa and Loren and is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind! This saddle is fully rideable and strong enough to rope off of if you ever wanted to or special enough to display as a piece of art.

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