Cowboys & Indians

This saddle is ½ scale model of a full size saddle. Titled “Cowboys & Indians” because it is Cowboy on one side and Native American on the other.

The Cowboy side is fully tooled by Lisa, with a sculpted and painted Western horse portrait on the flap of the saddle bag. The silver is solid sterling - each concho with it’s own Cowboy image. A mini tapadero stirrup completes the look.

The Native American side is fully stamped and each dot hand painted. The Indian Pony portrait is also sculpted and painted on the rear saddle bag flap. The stirrup features hand carved and painted feathers - one of a Red Tail Hawk and the other an Eagle Feather. The conchos are buffalo head nickels, mounted on a sterling silver concho.

The tree is a handmade miniature. Both sides are accented with genuine buffalo head nickels - with Indian heads on the Native side and buffalos on the Cowboy side.

The saddle is presented on its own juniper stand and can be swiveled to view both sides. The saddle measures 28” high X 24” wide and fits beautifully on an executive desk or coffee table.