Navajo Prayer

Our most poetic saddle pays homage to the classic Navajo prayer -
"Beauty above us
Beauty below us
Beauty before us
Beauty behind us
Beauty All Around Us"
The phrases are written around the edges of the saddle with swallows framing the words, carved and painted feathers and Lisa's iconic hand carved cuts around the edges. Loren has braided the forks and cantle with silver. Every oversized concho is Navajo made stirling silver and every one intricately stamped, each in its own unique pattern. A large square silver concho adorns the cantle back and is flanked with the words "Fly Free". The seat is inlaid with a Navajo rug - woven with a Yeii figure and a cornstalk for luck and abundance. It rides even better than it looks and is built to last generations. Lisa and Loren built this saddle with love and hope.

The Making Of