The Patriot Saddle

Every inch of this piece is significant! The horn is an eagle head - beautifully sculpted by Bill Bennett and cast in solid sterling silver, with a gold beak and eyes inlaid with small diamonds. The wings down the swells are also sculpted with amazing feather detail and cast in solid sterling silver. Each carved leather piece pictures a different animal, sculpted in relief and hand painted. The skirt portraits are inlaid into the skirts with kangaroo leather braiding and the portraits are ringed with Indian head nickels.

Every edge is finished with Lorenʼs iconic silver braiding. The seat is inlaid with buffalo leather and buck stitching and says "Home of the Brave" and the cantle back has a 3D American flag. The lining of the fenders is carved with an entire Teddy Roosevelt speech. The saddle stand is carved to match, and the base of the stand says "The outside of horse is good for the inside of a man." Each concho is a limited edition medallion of pure silver of different North American wildlife and set into a sterling silver bezel.