The Yellowstone


Price: $22,000

The Yellowstone is the forth piece in The Skyhorse Collection series. This edition is presented in two pieces - each featuring a Yellowstone National Park animal. The first two pieces are a bear and a buffalo.

The large seat piece is called a mochila and is typical of an early California style saddle. This mochila is a single piece of leather which is hand carved, sculpted and painted and very high relief. A large tapadero stirrup is also fully carved, braided, silver coin mounted and fully lined.

The 8-strand edge braiding is done with kangaroo lace. There is 125 feet of leather lacing on each piece.

Thirty nine medallions of fine silver rim each side of the saddle. The two Troy ounce pieces are a limited edition of the North American Wildlife Series that are no longer in mint. The smaller medallions are 1 Troy ounce each. Together there are over 3 1/2 pounds of .999 pure silver medallions on each side. Each coin pictures a different North American bird or animal.

Each side is mounted on an aspen log which mounts on the wall. A silver coin is inlaid into each log, showing the back side of the coin which is engraved with the North American Wildlife series logo.