Tree of Life

Our cosmic, poetic version of a traditional Native American saddle. This is one of the few pieces we have built that cannot be ridden, but tells a story.

The “on-side” tells of the cycle of the winged ones, from eggs through eagles and back to the nest. Looking through to the lining reads “Dare To Dream Dare To Fly”. The opposite side is the hoofed animals and their tracks and the lining reads “We will be known forever by the tracks that we leave”.

Each panel is Lisaʼs hand carved and sculpted story telling. A Navajo seat spans the panels and it is all buckstitched together with deer skin fringe.

The woodwork is by Andy Sanchez - it is 2000 year old salvaged alligator juniper with Andyʼs meticulous inlays of stones and fossils.

The medicine purse hanging on the front is a raven. Lift his wing and find the fetish necklace inside.

Winner – 2012 Western Design Conference: Exhibitor's Choice AND Best Accents!