White Buffalo

We gave ourselves permission to follow our hearts on this one! It includes all the elements that we love to do.....and challenge us always. Lisa's artwork expands on the over-sized fender and the seamless seat and rear jockey combination. The hand tooling creates realistic shapes and hair detail....finished with intricate painting. Even the border stamping is hand painted for that turquoise beaded affect.

Loren's lacing completes the edges with both edge braiding and buck-stitching. We've lined the skirts with hair-on buffalo, and used buffalo in the padded seat to keep to the theme. The extraordinary conchos were created by Sunset trails silver company....using dies from the 1920's to form the buffalo and chieftain head themes. Finally, why stop now, the stirrups are assembled from 2000 year old alligator juniper collected in the New Mexican desert.

The Native American story is that when a white buffalo calf is born it is a good omen - harkening in a time of peace and abundance. This is also our dream for the world!

The Making Of