Skyrider Features

What makes a Skyrider a Skyrider? Below are some features of every Skyrider that adds up to make a unique and quality saddle. All Skyriders come ready to ride, complete with bright stainless steel conchos, stainless steel hardware, hand stamped lightning bolt border, stirrups, saddle strings, cincha, and latigos. All you need to do is choose a color, seat size, with or without a horn, with or without a cheyenne roll, and any accessories you would like to add.


Natural sheepskin under the skirts. Great for heat dissipation, and keeps the saddle pad from "walking out".


Add our proprietary SKYHORSE conchos for $300.00.


Stitching reinforces the rigging area and anchors the "plugs".

Rigging 'D's

Rigging 'D's are reinforced by leather "plugs" and riveted to durable Biothane strapping. Inside and outside 'plugs' are sewn to add strength.

Cashel Foam

Skyrider seat leather goes over 1" closed Cashel Foam for your riding comfort.

It All Starts With The Tree

Our tree is hand made for us in Tennessee. It has been thoughtfully designed to fit most horses. Full strength, hand-made cedar wood tree covered with fiberglass - the same tree we use in our custom saddles. Guarenteed for life!

Skirt Length

Important! The skirt length is only 26" max. (25" on the shorter seats)

Rigging your Skyrider

Every Skyrider saddle can be "rigged" in three positions. Choosing one of the three positions allows the rider to customize the Skyrider to fit the horse perfectly. All three are "soft contact". Notice there is no metal to gall your horse or wear on your knees. Our wide and flared trees allow for GREAT shoulder movement INCLUDING gaited horses! Choosing the CORRECT rigging position makes all the DIFFERENCE!


  • Most forward rigging position.
  • Keeps saddle off the shoulder.
  • One pass through the forward slot and lock into the cinch.


  • Middle rigging position.
  • Saddle closer to the shoulder.
  • One pass of latigo through slot of tied latigo and lock into cinch buckle.


  • Keeps saddle close to the shoulder and adds stability to rear of saddle
  • First pass of latigo through cinch buckle, then over rear ā€œDā€, then lock into the cinch buckle.
skyrider work 2 orig
Crossfire rigging stabilizes the back of the saddle and is great for packing
skyrider work 4 orig 1
Crossfire rigging still gets the rider close to the horse!
skyrider work 3 orig
Stainless steel hardware at all attachments provides years of dependable service!
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skyroder work 5 orig
Nice sweat pattern after 12 hours in the field!